How Do I Win Lost Love Back?

If you are serious about answering the question "how do I win lost love back"?, you need to go and get a copy of The Magic Of Making Up by T. W. Jackson. In this book, Mr. Jackson will explain to you the various reasons why we fall out of love with our partners.

More importantly he shows you the techniques you can employ to get your groove back.  It is never too late to try to rediscover the passion and love you felt for your ex partner. 

From this book you will learn how to communicate properly.

The Magic Of Making Up will go through certain things like when you are trying to sort out a problem you should always use sentences starting with I rather than you.  "I feel hurt when you come home late from work" is a lot better than "you are always late home from work". 

The first is explaining how you feel and should lead to a discussion about whether the working late can be fixed and if not, how you can work around it. 

But the second sounds like an attack and if you deliver it just as the person walks through the door after a long day, it is easy to see how it can escalate into an argument.

Often we say things in the heat of the moment that either aren't true or are an exaggeration of how we are really feeling. 

An example would be when you are fed up with your partner but you tell them you hate them. You don't really hate them as a person but perhaps their behavior is a problem.

When you are in the middle of a relationship that isn't working as well as it could, it is very easy to get caught up in a cycle of blame. You hold the other person responsible for everything that is going wrong.

This isn't fair nor is it likely to be true.

All too often, it is both parties that are causing the problems.  Unfortunately one or other of you will have to be brave enough to take a stand and try and sort it out. 

Leaving it to fester will lead to the end of your partnership and often this is exactly what happens.

What went wrong?

When you have already split up and are trying to win your lover back, you need to go back over the last few months or even year of your relationship and see what went wrong.

Ask your ex to meet up with you and be honest about your reasons. Don't expect them to read your mind and know that you want to rekindle the love affair

Also don't expect miracles. 

You didn't break up overnight so you are unlikely to be able to fix all your problems overnight either. 

But given the right attitude and some good luck and great advice, you should soon know how to win love back and be happy again. 

What have you got to lose?  A little bit of pride is a small price to pay to get your lover back now isn't it?

Now if you're reading this, but feel that an out
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Hope it helps you too:-)

by T Dub Jackson, author of The Magic Of Making Up

If You Want To Get Your Ex Back - Self Help Techniques May Not Work

 If you want to get your ex back, self help techniques may not work unless you seek the right type of advice. If you walk into any bookstore you will see shelves of books written on relationships. They will cover all topics and be written by men and women; some of whom will have very impressive credentials.

But how do you know they will work? How do you know that these same writers are themselves happily involved with someone? Quite frankly I believe you have to be in a great relationship before you can help other people with theirs.

After all you don't go to a nun for sex help do you? So why ask a single person how a partnership should work?

You need to use self help books like The Magic Of Making Up i.e. a book written by a real person, who is very happily married and writes to help real people just like you; with similar relationship problems. You want someone who cares whether you and your partner make it or not.

Someone who will answer your emails should you wish to ask them a personal question because just sometimes the books don't always cover everything.

Any relationship can be improved upon. There is no such thing as a 'perfect one' just as no human being is perfect. But you can have a great relationship with your ex partner. They are probably Mr or Ms right for you. You may have just run up on a couple of hurdles that you need some help in getting over.

Self help marriage counseling like reading "The Magic Of Making Up" may be an answer for those of us that don't want to sit down with a stranger to discuss the intimate details of our relationship. But unless you know where to start and what to look for, you probably aren't going to achieve much more than another argument.

The problem is that when you are involved in the situation you often can't see things from the other person's perspective. This is important for you to learn as it takes two to tango as the old saying goes.

You will have to deal with painful issues and discussing these will take patience and practice. For example, sex may be causing an issue between you but it is often very difficult to discuss making love. Both of you may feel embarrassed or ashamed or annoyed that this subject is coming up again.


So before you dive into sorting out your relationship, make sure you have done some reading and proceed carefully while you apply what you have learned.

Take things slowly and don't let your discussions turn into an argument. If things get heated, walk away and cool down. You cannot make the other person speak to you, so if they are not into a chat at that time, then leave it, and wait for a couple of days.

Usually you will find that your ex is just as eager as you are to sort things out. Pick your moment before applying the relationship self help approach.

If you would like some more great information on how to get your ex back.....
I have a friend named T. W. Jackson. T Dub authored a simple, down to earth step by step guide called The Magic Of Making Up.  Take a look I think you'll like it.